Which is why children should also wear sunglasses

Which is why children should also wear sunglasses

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Protection of the eyes: Children should also wear sunglasses
Most parents understand that children should be protected from the sun from an early age. However, some neglect eye protection. Experts point out how important it is that the little ones also wear sunglasses.

Even children should wear sunglasses
When children are out in the summer, they should always be well protected from the sun. Depending on the length of stay and the strength of the sun's rays, sunscreen should be applied several times and in plenty. But it is often forgotten that the eyes also need protection from UV rays. Wearing sunglasses also has long-term effects. It helps to "maintain" eyesight.

Healthy lifestyle with a vitamin-rich diet
Even if you often have “eagle eyes” when you are young: at some point your eyesight wears off. But everyone can prevent age-related vision loss, explains the German Blind and Visually Impaired Association (DBSV) in a message.

"This included, for example, wearing sunglasses from an early age, abstinence from nicotine and a healthy lifestyle with a vitamin-rich diet," write the experts.

The importance of good nutrition for healthy eyes was demonstrated last year in a case in the United States.

A 14-year-old patient there is almost blind due to one-sided nutrition. The boy had been eating bread, cola, chicken, and potatoes almost exclusively since he was five. This malnutrition led to a vitamin deficiency that almost cost him eyesight.

Have your eyes checked regularly
From the age of 40, it is advisable, according to the DBSV, to have your eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist.

"Early signs of eye damage, such as from glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes or high blood pressure, are initially not noticed by patients themselves," explained Prof. Dr. med. Focke Ziemssen, deputy director of the University Eye Clinic in Tübingen.

If diseases are not recognized and treated early, damage to the eyes can result that cannot be reversed. According to the experts, many older people lose their eyesight unnecessarily. (ad)

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