In Romania, 17 children have already died of measles

In Romania, 17 children have already died of measles

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Fatal infectious disease: 17 children in Romania died of measles
In Romania, 17 children fell victim to a measles wave in the past six months. As the country's health minister said, none of the victims had been vaccinated. Not only in the Southeast European state is the question of measles vaccination - yes or no? fought violently for years.

17 dead children due to measles wave
In Romania, 17 children have died of measles since September, reports the AFP news agency. As Minister of Health Florian Bodog said on Saturday according to Romanian media reports, none of the victims had been vaccinated. According to the information, over 3,400 people have contracted measles since February last year - compared to only seven cases the previous year.

Minister of Health calls for people to be vaccinated
The health minister asked the population to get vaccinated. According to Bodog, only 80 percent of Romanians receive the first of the two vaccination doses recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), and only 50 percent can be vaccinated a second time.

According to the agency report, poverty, lack of access to health care and anti-vaccination campaigns by religious groups are reasons for the low vaccination rate of the population.

Not a harmless childhood illness
In Germany measles vaccination is recommended for children from the eleventh month of life, for infants in a day care center from the ninth month.

Mothers who have antibodies due to vaccination or a previous measles disease can protect their children from measles and other contagious diseases in the first few months.

Important to know: measles is not a harmless childhood disease. The disease also affects adults. Therefore, you should check your measles vaccination protection if necessary.

Majority of Germans for compulsory vaccinations
In Germany, in connection with the discussion about vaccination, there is a constant call for a measles obligation, which according to surveys would be welcomed by the majority of German citizens.

Opponents of vaccination indicate, among other things, possible side effects of immunization such as reddening of the skin, swelling, fever or a rash.

But compared to the effects of measles disease, where the immune system is weakened and various symptoms such as fever, otitis media or diarrhea can occur, the risks of a vaccination are not a comparison, my proponent.

Not to mention the rare serious, sometimes fatal complications. (ad)

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