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Sexuality: Almost every tenth woman has pain during sexual intercourse

Sexuality: Almost every tenth woman has pain during sexual intercourse

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Doctors are looking for reasons for pain during sexual intercourse
Actually, the most beautiful thing should be a pleasant and exciting experience for men and women. However, researchers found that almost every tenth woman suffers pain when she has sexual intercourse.

British scientists found in an investigation that almost every tenth British woman appears to have pain during sex. Around a quarter of these women suffer from permanent or very common pain. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology" (BJOG).

Study examines approximately 7,000 sexually active women
The survey of nearly 7,000 British women showed that 7.5 percent of sexually active women between the ages of 16 and 74 reported having had pain during sex in the past three months or in the past year. A quarter of these women suffer from very common pain during sex, the experts say. For some participants, the entire sexual intercourse of the past six months was painful.

What age women are most affected?
The problem most often affects women between the ages of 55 and 64, followed by younger women between the ages of 16 and 24, the authors explain. Generally, doctors concluded that painful sex is reported by a substantial minority of women in the UK.

Many women with problems complain of a lack of interest in their sex life
Connections to other problems in sex life have also been found in many women who reported painful sex. Many of those affected complained of a general lack of enjoyment during intercourse. 62 percent of women reported that they had no real interest in sex. 40 percent complained about a lack of enjoyment. Almost a quarter of all women in pain during sex said they felt no excitement or arousal during sex, the British scientists add.

Problems that arise can also affect the psyche
45 percent of the women surveyed also complained of an uncomfortably dry vagina, compared to ten percent of all women who did not have painful intercourse, the doctors say. A link between pain during sex and psychological problems in women has also been found. A fifth of all women with pain said they had anxiety about sex. About 11 percent of women with pain during sexual intercourse reported depression.

Affected women often have physical illnesses
Physical health was also common among women with pain during sexual intercourse. 13 percent of participants reported poor physical health and 11 percent said they had more than two chronic illnesses, the authors say. Of the women with pain during sexual intercourse, 13 percent had contracted sexually transmitted infections within the past five years.

A lack of communication leads to difficulties
About 13 percent of women with pain complained about a lack of emotional attachment. Eight percent of the participants also found it difficult to talk to their partners about sex. 14 percent of the women in the study also had a history of sexual abuse.

Many sufferers generally avoid sexual intercourse
A third of the women also reported that they were unsatisfied with their sex life. In contrast, the figure for women without pain was only ten percent. Almost half of women with pain (44.9 percent) avoided sexual intercourse in the last year.

General happiness in the relationship does not have to affect sex life
The study found no relationship between general happiness in the relationship and sex life. However, there was a strong association with some sexual aspects of the relationship, the doctors say. These included, for example, the general interest in sex, the lack of an emotional connection, and deviations in sexual preferences or dislikes.

Due to embarrassment, many affected women do not seek expert advice
Many of the women affected are not sure how to deal with their problem. The pain that occurs during sexual intercourse is usually extremely uncomfortable for these women, the scientists explain. For this reason, many affected people avoid visiting doctors or experts. These women simply cannot imagine how a doctor could improve their problem, the researchers explain. Or the women concerned think they have already found another solution, such as reduced sexual intercourse or complete abstention. So simple embarrassment could be a reason why so many women suffer from the problem. (as)

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