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Careful: Gwyneth Paltrow's jade eggs for the vagina can pose a health risk

Careful: Gwyneth Paltrow's jade eggs for the vagina can pose a health risk

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Gynecologist warns of Gwyneth Paltrow's vaginal eggs
The American actress Gwyneth Paltrow sells jade eggs for the vagina in her online shop. Regular use should, among other things, lead to more orgasms and contribute to a hormonal balance. A gynecologist now warns of this supposed miracle cure. The eggs are a major health hazard.

Health gadgets with serious consequences
In general, public figures should be very cautious about what they say in public, as their positions are not only perceived widely, but are often adopted relatively uncritically by followers. So if a celebrity sells promising health gadgets in their online shop and advertises them as a miracle cure, the effect should be proven. However, this is not the case with the jade eggs for the Vagnia, which the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow sells in her shop. Much worse: Such products can have serious health consequences.

Jade egg for the vagina
Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has all sorts of curiosities on offer in her online shop "Goop". One product has now come under particular criticism: the jade egg for the vagina, which according to the promotion is said to "increase chi, lead to more orgasms, improve hormonal balance and improve feminine energy in general" when used regularly a health hazard, according to a gynecologist.

Effects based on "alternative studies"
The advertised effects of the egg-shaped jade stones were based, among other things, on “alternative studies”. The products, which are sold today for the equivalent of over 60 euros, were "a closely guarded secret of ancient Chinese queens and concubines", "in order to stay in shape for the emperor".

Dr. Jen Gunter, a California gynecologist rightly points out in her blog that this marketing is anything but progressive.

"Nothing says more about female emancipation than just doing something to please a man," writes the gynecologist. "And the claim that they ensure a balanced hormone balance is simply biologically impossible."

"What feminine energy? I am a gynecologist and I don't know what that is !? How do you test them? "

Bacteria can collect on the eggs
The doctor goes a lot further. The vaginal eggs are not just humbug but represent a great health hazard for the users.

"Regarding the recommendation that women with a jade egg should sleep in their vagina, I would like to point out that jade is porous, bacteria can accumulate," said Dr. Gunter.

The egg could become a disease carrier. This could result in bacterial infections of the vagina or even a so-called toxic shock syndrome (TSS). And this disease can be fatal.

Life-threatening infectious disease
TSS is an infectious disease with the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. The pathogens usually enter the organism via tampons, especially if they stay in the body for too long.

An app was therefore developed to notify girls and women of the need to change a soaked tampon.

The disease occurs extremely rarely with one case per 200,000 inhabitants, but can be fatal, as various cases have shown. A few years ago, a celebrity's TSS case caused an international sensation. At that time, former Vogue model Lauren Wasser lost a leg, although she said she had followed the rules and changed her tampons regularly.

Tormented expression on the face because of a compressed butt
“Regarding the suggestion to wear the jade egg while walking, I would like to point out that the pelvic floor muscles are not designed to contract continuously,” reports Dr. Gunter.

It also strains other muscles to keep the egg inside. "It may be the squeezing of the butt all day that leads to the tortured facial expression of many people and not some shining energy," says the doctor sarcastically.

Steam bath for the vagina
The vaginal eggs are not Gwyneth Paltrow's first “health tip” that is causing a sensation. As the Washington Post reported, the Hollywood size in the past recommended, among other things, a $ 15,000 gold dildo.

In 2015, the multimillionaire accepted a challenge to live solely on food brands - and gave up after only four days.

Her recommendation for a vagina steam bath was also bizarre. Women should sit over a hot pot of water and herbs to clean the uterus and regulate the female hormonal balance. There is, of course, no scientific proof of the effectiveness of this procedure. (ad)

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