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Man has become pregnant: Now man is expecting a baby

Man has become pregnant: Now man is expecting a baby

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The 20-year-old is England's first pregnant man
In April 2013, a man from Berlin, who was born a woman, gave birth to a healthy child. Cases in which the man bore his child have also been reported from other countries. No such case has yet been reported from England. But now the kingdom's first man is pregnant.

20 year old man is pregnant
Some people turn to fertility clinics if they don't want to have children. However, Hayden Cross from Great Britain chose a different route. The 20-year-old used Facebook to search for a sperm donor and found it. He has been pregnant for over 17 weeks now. It is not only the path that led to fertilization that is unusual. Legally, Hayden Cross is a man.

Sperm donor found on Facebook
According to media reports, Hayden Cross was born a woman, but has lived as a man for the past three years and officially changed his name (previously: Paige) and gender. He started hormone therapy, but was still waiting to have a sex change to have a baby, the Sun reports.

The British newspaper also writes how the sperm donor was found: "I met the donor on Facebook, we chatted for about three days and then he came into the apartment," said Cross.

"He said he just wanted to help me and he didn't stay in touch with me to see if I got pregnant." According to Cross, he was about his thirties. But: "I didn't pay much attention to him." For cost reasons, he injected the sperm himself.

Gender reassignment should continue after birth
After birth, he wants to continue his sex change. Then he also wants to have his breasts and ovaries removed. He won't breastfeed his offspring.

Cross also explained why the great media response was positive. He therefore hopes that his story can help other transgender people in the UK.

"I have the same right to have a baby as everyone else," said the 20-year-old. "I will be a great father."

Discriminatory categorization abolished
Transsexuals do not have it easy in other countries either. In the international diagnosis catalog of the World Health Organization (WHO), transsexuality is currently still classified as a “gender identity disorder”.

In Denmark, the discriminatory classification has recently been abolished. It is the first country in the world to remove transsexuality from the list of mental illnesses. (ad)

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