Get Rid of Winter Bacon Faster - Can Weight Loss Powders Really Help?

Get Rid of Winter Bacon Faster - Can Weight Loss Powders Really Help?

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Formula Diet: What Do Weight Loss Drinks Actually Bring?
Especially after the holidays with all the high-calorie festive dishes, many people want to do something about the extra pounds. Often people then struggle for a long time with a menu that they do not like and great sporting effort just to get rid of a few kilos. With the Formula Diet, in which powder dissolved in liquid is consumed instead of solid food, the weight loss should go faster. But what can the slimming drinks really do?

Get rid of extra pounds after the holidays
The feasts during the Christmas season and the New Year's Eve menu have led to weight gain in some people. People who feel too fat then try different methods to get rid of extra pounds. Some rely on a lot of exercise, others on a strictly followed diet. It is particularly common to avoid fat or carbohydrates if possible. However, popular diets are mostly unsuccessful, as studies have shown time and again. Some also rely on slimming powders or drinks. According to experts, however, these are not suitable for everyone.

Lose weight without yo-yo effect
Experts always warn of incorrect weight loss. In order to lose weight without a yo-yo effect, a permanent diet with fewer calories should be followed.

Some people also rely on diet powder as a quick weight loss aid. These are mixed with low-fat milk or water and replace complete meals. Due to the pulpy or liquid food, pounds should drop quickly. In a message from the dpa news agency, experts explain how useful such powders are.

Formula diet for obese people
According to Prof. Johannes Georg Wechsler, specialist in internal medicine from Munich, the powders can lose 0.5 to 2 kilograms per week, but if you want to lose a few kilograms quickly, you should better eat a reduced-fat and low-carbohydrate diet put.

Only in this way can those affected develop an awareness of a healthy diet and what is good for the body. Prof. Alfred Wirth from the German Obesity Society agrees.

According to the two doctors, the so-called formula diet with slimming powders is primarily suitable for very overweight people who want to lose a lot of kilos.

Only half of the daily calorie requirement
"However, a formula diet should only be used for people who are very overweight if weight loss has not been successful in another way," said Wirth, dpa.

Even if this diet is not dangerous, it is radical. The daily total amount of energy is only an average of 800 to 1,200 kilocalories. As a rule, a man consumes an average of 2,600 and a woman an average of 2,300 kilocalories per day.

The Formula Diet covers at most half of your daily needs. This is also the reason why you lose weight so quickly with the powder.

However, the rate at which you lose weight can affect your health. For example, rapid weight loss can lead to unpleasant side effects such as dizziness or reduced performance.

Discuss radical diet with doctor
People who want to lose weight with a formula diet are advised to see a doctor first. "Losing weight should be part of a medically supervised nutritional program," said Wechsler, who is president of the Federal Association of German Nutritional Physicians (BDEM).

As Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society (DGE) explained in the agency report, it is important to drink two liters a day in addition to the diet drinks. Water and unsweetened herbal or fruit teas are ideal.

According to the DGE, a formula diet is fundamentally unsuitable for people with a serious illness or infection, people over the age of 70, as well as for hard-working people and competitive athletes.

Let the pounds shed without the slimming powder
If you want to lose weight with formula powder, you should also inform yourself about the respective ingredients, because some contain chemicals that are hazardous to health or genetically modified components of soybeans, as “Öko-Test” found. In a test, almost all diet shakes failed.

To lose weight without such powders, for example, you can try to eat less carbohydrates and fat, but more fruits and vegetables. Fruits are comparatively low in calories, but still fill you up and provide the body with vitamins.

Smaller meals with a high proportion of vegetables and salad should then be distributed throughout the day. This type of diet is overall much more varied than the powder diet. And: "Good customer success can also be achieved in this way," said Wirth.

Regular exercise is also recommended. It drives away the constant hunger, as has been shown in scientific studies. In addition, more pounds can be lost by building muscle, which is why experts often recommend special strength training. (ad)

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