Tips against cooking breakdowns: This is how the festive meal succeeds

Tips against cooking breakdowns: This is how the festive meal succeeds

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If the Christmas dinner burns or is too greasy: Some tips for cooking breakdowns
Just a little over a week until Christmas. The preparations are going to the fullest. For many, the festive meal is particularly important. But because of all the stress, breakdowns can occur. But don't be afraid: If something burns or gets too greasy, it can usually be "saved" with simple tricks.

Malfunctions in the kitchen can usually be fixed
Even the most relaxed cook can go wrong when preparing the Christmas dinner. In many cases, however, small problems with the kitchen can be easily remedied. The initiative "Too good for the bin!" Of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) gives some helpful tips and tricks in a communication.

Cut off burnt meat
There are people who think that charred meat is healthy, but experts generally advise that burnt foods are better not to be consumed for health reasons.

If the meat is lightly burnt, hobby chefs can simply cut off the dark crust and hide the interface under a mixture of fresh herbs and roasted breadcrumbs, the initiative recommends. If the meat is very juicy, you can also briefly fry the cut.

If the sauce is too greasy
"Too good for the bin!" Also describes what helps if the sauce is too greasy: "Let the sauce stand until the fat settles on top, skim off the fat - done. This doesn't work with cream sauces, but you can stretch them with broth, ”said the experts.

If the sauce or soup is too salty, you can stretch it with cream, water and, if necessary, a small dash of wine and restore the missing seasoning with fried onion and garlic pieces and spices.

If the dessert does not become firm, dissolve the gelatin or cornstarch, stir it in and cool the dessert again. If there is no time for this, whip the cream until stiff and mix it in. (ad)

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