Doctors already wanted to stop machines - Then one-year-old wakes up from a coma

Doctors already wanted to stop machines - Then one-year-old wakes up from a coma

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One-year-old girl wakes up from a coma when doctors want to turn off machines
A seriously ill one-year-old girl had been in a coma for months when the doctors decided to turn off the life-supporting machines. But then the little child woke up without any action. Now his daughter can "continue to fight the fight," according to her father.

Artificial coma to protect the organism
Some people fall into a coma after serious head injuries, or also due to brain infections, strokes or cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. But some are also put in an artificial coma. This is used in medicine to protect the organism. This also applies to a little girl in France who was put into an artificial coma because of a viral disease. However, no improvement in her condition was achieved. When the doctors decided to turn the machines off, the little one woke up.

Doctors gave up hope
Little Marwa was put into an artificial coma at the “La Timone” clinic in Marseille over two months ago. According to media reports, an aggressive virus had attacked her heart and central nervous system. But the weeks passed without the young French woman's condition improving. The doctors gave up hope.

In November the hospital wanted to discontinue life support for the toddler. This was also justified by the fact that the girl - should she still wake up from a coma - was no longer able to breathe or eat alone. The doctors assume that their brain is irreversibly damaged.

The patient woke up without any action
However, the parents fought to continue treatment for their daughter. They started a petition that has now been signed by more than 116,000 people. They reported daily on the Facebook page "Jamais sans Marwa" ("Never without Marwa") about the situation of the little patient.

The Marseille Administrative Court finally decided to continue the treatment for the time being. The health condition of the girl should be examined more closely by the doctors.

Shortly afterwards, an event occurred, which many now call "miracles": Marwa wakes up from the artificial coma without any action.

One year old is still in treatment
According to the information, the condition of the girl, who is still in treatment in the clinic, is still critical. But your organs are healthy. The one-year-old father told the French media that progress had been made.

"My little miracle can smile at me, finally continue to fight the fight," he wrote on Facebook.

"Your treatment continues, but we see the daily development and it gives us great hope," said the father of the news site "Nice-Matin". "When I talk to her, she hears my voice, she reacts, sometimes she smiles." (Ad)

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