Poultry, glutamate and animal waste: chickens are often cheated

Poultry, glutamate and animal waste: chickens are often cheated

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Not just pure veal: some kebab producers cheat
Originally only mutton or lamb was used for doner kebabs, but the popular fast food has also been available with other types of meat for a long time. Snack bars often advertise that the goods contain 100 percent of this or that meat. As research by the NDR has shown, it is often cheated.

Food is tricked
Tricks and deceptions about food are reported again and again. For example, it was pointed out that almost all food products contain hidden sugar. Apparently there is also cheating when it comes to the exact content of kebab. The popular fast food often also contains turkey, meatloaf and additives such as glutamate - although it is touted as a veal doner.

Doner kebab that should not be called a “doner kebab”
This is the result of laboratory tests commissioned by the NDR consumer magazine “Markt”. As the NDR reports on its website, the editorial team had a sample of veal doner from snack shops in Hamburg examined by an accredited food laboratory for the types of meat used. It was shown that the doner kebabs did not meet the guidelines of the food book and therefore should not be called "doner kebabs".

According to the information, four of the five products sold as veal doner contained a high proportion of sausage meat in addition to beef and turkey. "The addition of turkey meat as well as the substantial addition of sausage meat and undeclared additives is not allowed in the classic kebab," explained Dr. Volkmar Heinke, food chemist at the State Office for Agriculture, Food Safety and Fisheries Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Sausage meat is not allowed
According to the "Guidelines for Meat and Meat Products" (as of 2016) of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, doner kebab may contain slice meat and up to 60 percent minced meat. "Apart from salt and spices as well as eggs, onions, oil, milk and yoghurt, doner kebab contains no other ingredients," it says.

So no sausage meat either. "Sausage meat is something that belongs in a boiled sausage," Heinke told the NDR. These are “partially torn skeletal muscles, including vessels, nerves and adipose tissue. In principle, that can be everything ”.

Meat types must be clearly identified
According to the food book, veal doner kebab containing meat, glutamate or turkey meat may not be sold as a “doner kebab” or “doner kebab”, but only as a “rotisserie”. But even with this, additives and the types of meat used must be clearly labeled for the consumer. According to the NDR, however, none of the companies tested complied with this regulation.

There are indications that the operators act deliberately. The finished skewers of the large producers are labeled "rotisserie" according to "market" searches and carry the instruction to make this clear to the end user. However, some operators ignore the declaration requirement and sell the rotisserie as a “kebab”.

Misleading consumers
Meanwhile, the authorities are also concerned about misleading. An inquiry by the NDR magazine to the responsible North German state offices showed that, in their own investigations, they complained about 90 percent of the veal samples because of a variety of defects. In the event of prosecution for fraud, the snack bar operators face fines and, in particularly severe cases, imprisonment of up to five years. (ad)

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