First uterine transplant performed

First uterine transplant performed

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Successfully transplanted uterus in Germany for the first time
With the support of Swedish experts, doctors in Tübingen carried out the first uterine transplant in Germany. The operation of the young patient, who was sterile due to a congenital malformation, was successful. Two years ago, a woman with a transplanted uterus had given birth to a healthy baby for the first time worldwide.

First uterine transplant in Germany
Transplant medicine has made tremendous progress in the past decade. For example, successful face transplants have been carried out for years and only in the last year have medical doctors managed to sensationally transplant a skull cap. However, organ transplants are more common. Doctors in Tübingen have now carried out the first uterine transplant in Germany.

The operation went without complications
As reported by the University Hospital Tübingen, doctors in Germany have successfully transplanted a uterus for the first time. According to the information, the 23-year-old patient's surgery, which lasted several hours, went without complications. According to the clinic, the young woman was sterile due to a congenital malformation, the so-called Mayer-Rokitanski-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, and received the uterus as a living donation.

Affected women had little chance of having children
According to the announcement, “absolute uterine infertility” affects three to five percent of all women and “was until recently a practically incurable cause of female infertility”. It also says there: "The only options for these women to become mothers or even to have children of their own genetics were adoption or surrogacy, which in turn is not allowed in Germany."

Woman with donor uterus gave birth to baby
In the past few years, uterine transplants have already been carried out in various countries to help women achieve their desire to have children. The first uterine transplant is planned in the UK. Gynecologist Prof. Mats Mats Brännström has shown with transplants in Sweden that the operation is feasible and promising. There, a woman in Gothenburg with a donor uterus had a healthy baby in 2014. In the meantime, five children have been born in this way.

Planning also in other clinics
Prof. Brännström and Kollgen were also involved in the intervention in Tübingen with the uterine transplant team at the University Hospital in Gothenburg. According to their own statements, the planning for this has been going for years. A uterine transplant is also to be carried out in other German hospitals, including by doctors from the University Clinic in Erlangen.

Manageable risk
The director of the women's clinic of the University Hospital Erlangen, Prof. Dr. Matthias Beckmann said in a message in the summer: “We are currently preparing for the first uterine transplant. But first we have to get the necessary permits from the Bavarian Ministry of Health and train the intervention on the animal model. ”He said at the time that he was convinced that the risk was manageable and worthwhile. The success in Tübingen now confirms it.

Living relatives are preferred donors
According to experts, women who have a uterus that is too small or who is missing or had to be removed from birth are eligible for such an operation. According to experts, living relatives such as mother or sister are preferred donors. The interventions are then easier to plan. The uterine transplant was initially rejected by the German Society for Reproductive Medicine, but after the successes in Sweden, the skepticism was then removed. (ad)

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