Super tips for the hot day: make frozen bread slices for a picnic

Super tips for the hot day: make frozen bread slices for a picnic

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Picnic trick in the heat: place frozen slices of bread on top
The temperatures in many places will soon climb above the 30-degree mark again. If you then make yourself comfortable outdoors, you should orientate yourself to the heat with the picnic ingredients. One trick: the topping stays cool for a long time on frozen bread.

Be careful with some foods
The return of summer is just around the corner. Most people who have the time will then spend as much time outdoors as possible. Of course, the food must not be neglected.

But be careful: it is better to avoid some foods in extreme heat. For example, dishes such as mett, mayonnaise or tiramisu pose health risks because bacteria such as salmonella can reproduce particularly well in summer temperatures.

Frozen slices of bread for the provisions
In addition, provisions brought in can quickly become mushy at high temperatures. The initiative "Too good for the bin!" By the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) explains a trick that can help here: Instead of fresh bread, you simply use frozen bread slices. These can thaw slowly and keep the base cool.

When it is warm, it is also a good idea to use cream cheese instead of butter, as this does not melt and does not make the bread greasy. Interesting to know: Smoked ham and sausage types are more heat-resistant than cold cuts, which quickly become greasy at high temperatures due to lactic acid bacteria. (ad)

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