Safe bowel diagnostics: Better take laxative twice before a colonoscopy

Safe bowel diagnostics: Better take laxative twice before a colonoscopy

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Bowel should be as clean as possible for the mirroring
Colonoscopy is the most important method for the early detection of colon cancer. However, for a meaningful result, it is important that the intestine is cleaned as well as possible in advance. This is pointed out by experts prior to the 2016 Visceral Medicine Congress in Hamburg. Preparation begins a few days before the appointment with a change in diet and the use of laxatives.

Most effective method in colorectal cancer screening
According to the German Cancer Society, colonoscopy (colonoscopy) is the most important and meaningful examination for the early detection and diagnosis of colon cancer. With the help of an endoscope (also called a colonoscope), the doctor can look at the inside of the intestine and examine the intestinal mucosa for abnormalities. In addition, tissue samples can be taken and growths of the mucous membrane (intestinal polyps) removed with the special instrument if suspected changes.

Reliable results only with a clean intestine
Before the examination can be carried out, the intestine must be thoroughly cleaned. The German Society for Gastroenterology, Digestive and Metabolic Diseases (DGVS) informs about this in a current announcement on the occasion of "Visceral Medicine 2016".

"Because if the intestine is not optimally prepared, we cannot reliably assess the structures of the intestinal wall," said the chair of the DGVS endoscopy section, Professor Dr. med. Alexander Meining. Colon polyps that can develop into malignant cancerous growths may not be discovered, which means that if in doubt, a re-examination is necessary, the expert warned.

Preparation begins four days before the exam
To prepare optimally, patients should no longer eat high-fiber vegetables and whole grain products four days before the appointment. Fasting begins the day before the colonoscopy: "At noon a clear broth and from then on only drink," explains Meining. In the early evening of the previous day, the first dose of a poly-ethylene-glycol solution (short: PEG) was taken as a laxative. The next morning or about three hours before the mirroring, the second dose of the solution follows, as recommended by the DGVS.

"A meta-analysis from the past year clearly shows that the best results can be achieved with PEG solutions, spread over two days," reports Meining. Since the solution does not taste particularly good, the experts say that it is best to drink it quickly and ice cold. At the same time, it is advisable to drink two liters of clear juice, water or fruit tea. Sweet drinks could also help against the feeling of hunger. (No)

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