Ex-girlfriend dies at drug party - doctor receives suspended sentence

Ex-girlfriend dies at drug party - doctor receives suspended sentence

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Girlfriend died after drug use: doctor convicted
A doctor whose ex-girlfriend died after using drugs and alcohol has been sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence. The two had celebrated the separation together, taking ecstasy among other things. The doctor hadn't helped the woman in danger enough.

Separation celebrated with alcohol and drugs
A medical doctor who withheld the necessary help from his ex-girlfriend in mortal danger has been sentenced to a suspended term of two years. According to a report by the dpa news agency, the district court in Gießen found the 34-year-old guilty of neglecting the attempted manslaughter on Tuesday. According to the information, he had "celebrated" the previous separation with alcohol and ecstasy in June 2015 in Gießen with the 37-year-old. But the woman was in a life-threatening state because of the drugs and died a little later.

The life-threatening condition of the woman allegedly not recognized
According to the judges, the doctor had recognized the danger but had not called an emergency doctor what he should have done. The presiding judge said the case had many aspects that "met with a fundamental lack of understanding". No one believed that he did not want to have recognized the life-threatening condition of the woman, it was said. Rather, he talks his behavior nice and has great moral guilt on himself.

Health risks from ecstasy
Drug use had apparently caused serious side effects in the woman. According to the information center against poisoning at the University Hospital Bonn, the body's alarm symptoms are no longer perceived under the effects of ecstasy: thirst and hunger, dizziness, malaise, exhaustion or pain are therefore not noticed in time to prevent a life-threatening collapse of the body. In addition, the body temperature can rise to over 41 degrees due to the extreme loss of fluid and the increased breakdown products in the metabolism. "Ecstasy users who suffer from heart diseases, asthmatic diseases, epilepsy or other diseases are particularly at risk," write the experts. Liver or kidney failure can occur. “If you drink alcohol at the same time, the effects of the amphetamine derivatives are reduced, but the side effects increase significantly.” According to cardiologists, there is also a high risk of cardiac damage from party drugs.

Run naked into the basement
The defendant, who was working at a clinic in Gießen, took care of the woman in his apartment, but did not call an emergency doctor. Not even when she was so bad that he ran naked into the basement to get medication, excluding himself from the apartment. Instead, he called the locksmith and only when the door was open and the woman was dead did the 34-year-old alarm the emergency call. The court found that the doctor's behavior approved the death of the woman.

Doctor must undergo therapy
However, the judges only assumed manslaughter, as it is not certain whether the woman would have survived with the immediate help of an emergency doctor. However, the chairman emphasized that it was not that she had definitely died. The court's valuation was in his favor. Because of the intoxication of drugs, the chamber also assumed a reduced level of guilt. The doctor was also convicted of violating the Narcotics Act. The probation requirements imposed by the judges include therapy that the drug-dependent doctor has to undergo. The doctor has lost his license to practice, but there is still a lawsuit against it. (ad)

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