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University study: impotence from cola and lemonades

University study: impotence from cola and lemonades

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Cola reduces the number of sperm
Regular drinking of lemonade and cola is not particularly healthy. These drinks affect the health of our teeth and often cause weight gain. Researchers have now found another good reason why men should drink fewer soft drinks in the future: regular consumption seems to lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

Scientists from the Nicolaus Copernicus Hospital in Poland found that regular consumption of soft drinks is not really recommended for men. Consuming these drinks can cause erectile dysfunction in men. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Central European Journal of Urology" (CEJU).

Consuming one liter of cola daily drastically reduces the number of sperm
If men drink a liter of cola every day, the number of spermatozoa is reduced by up to 30 percent, according to the researchers. The new study examined 2,554 young men who all drank a lot of cola. The subjects found an average sperm count of 35 million per milliliter, while the value was 56 million sperm per milliliter if men only drink some cola occasionally, the authors explain.

Caffeine has no effect on the number of sperm
The investigation also examined whether there is a link between caffeine consumption and sperm count. However, such a connection could not be found, the researchers say. For this reason, the medical team believed that the problem was probably caused by another ingredient in the drink.

Experts warn of cola erectile dysfunction
The number of spermatozoa is still within a normal range for those affected, but the reduction in spermatozoa by such a large percentage could make future baby plans more difficult. That is why men should perhaps avoid lemonades and cola and switch to water, the authors Jan Adamowicz and Tomasz Drewa from Nicolaus Copernicus Hospital advise. The likelihood of a connection between soft drinks and erectile dysfunction is very high, the experts from Poland add.

What does cola do in our body after 60 minutes?
To date, many people ignore how much cola damages our bodies in 60 minutes. Few consumers expect fertility effects. However, scientists from Copenhagen University Hospital also examined the effects of lemonades on our body in a recent study and the results coincided with the Polish study. They also came to the conclusion that regular soft drink consumption favors erectile dysfunction.

Does sweetener in lemonade lead to erection problems?
Whether men get an erection depends on many different factors. However, certain ingredients in sodas help make it harder for men to get an erection, the researchers explain. Obviously, large amounts of fructose syrup cause the arteries in the man's limb to be damaged. This substance is used as a sweetener in many lemonades, the doctors say.

Reduce your cola consumption
If you drink a glass of your favorite lemonade occasionally, it will likely not have any negative side effects on your body. However, the doctors recommend rethinking and reducing your intake if you consume soft drinks regularly. Cola alone consumes around 1.8 billion bottles a day worldwide, and there are sure to be a lot of men who could improve their sex lives if they skipped this drink. (as)

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