Down syndrome: mother published a letter to the doctor who wanted to abort her child

Down syndrome: mother published a letter to the doctor who wanted to abort her child

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Mother writes letter to doctor who wanted to abort daughter because of Down syndrome
When the American Courtney Baker was pregnant, a doctor advised her to have an abortion because it was clear that her child with Down syndrome would be born. She chose her baby anyway - and now told the doctor why her decision was the right one.

Fear of trisomy 21 is common
Smiling children with Down syndrome (trisomy 21) on posters and in commercials are often popular when it comes to disabilities. On the other hand, the fear of trisomy is great, even if experts repeatedly point out that children with Down syndrome are not sick but only slower. According to experts, nine out of ten women have an abortion if the diagnosis of trisomy 21 is known before birth. Courtney Baker from Florida was also advised to have an abortion by her doctor during her pregnancy. She was expecting a "downie". However, the American chose the child and now wrote a letter to the doctor explaining how happy she is with her daughter Emersyn Faith.

Doctor advised pregnant woman to have abortion
Emersyn is now 15 months old. As it says on the Internet portal "Mashable", her mother wrote a letter to the doctor, which has already been shared thousands of times online. In it, the woman writes about the time of her pregnancy, when she turned to the specialist in prenatal medicine with fear of her unborn child. However, the latter did not support and encourage her, but advised her to have an abortion. According to the information, he is said to have repeated the advice several times and warned the expectant mother about an allegedly reduced quality of life with a child with Down syndrome.

Your child is "perfect"
After the birth of her daughter, Courtney Baker found that the little one is a great addition to her life. The mother found her life happy and her child perfect. None of what the doctor had predicted was true. "Emersyn not only enriches my life, it also touches the hearts of thousands of others," Baker told ABC News. In her letter, the woman writes that she is saddened by the thought of those expectant mothers who the doctor will treat in a similar way to her: “I find it sad that it does not seem to affect you, all your little fingers, toes, eyes and ears to see every day. I find it sad that you were so wrong. But most of all I find it sad that you will never have the honor of getting to know my daughter ”.

"Because you never told me the truth"
“The hardest time in my life was almost unbearable because you never told me the truth. My child is perfect, ”said Baker. "I'm not angry. I am not bitter. I am really just sad. ”The mother not only wants to show the doctor how enriching the life with her daughter is with the letter, but above all asks him to tell the truth to all expectant mothers whose children have disabilities, namely that the child is perfect the way it is. In an impressive video years ago, adults with Down syndrome suggested that parents whose child will be born with trisomy 21 should not be afraid. (ad)

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