Better without additives: This is how you can recognize good buttermilk!

Better without additives: This is how you can recognize good buttermilk!

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Thicker and full-bodied: Pure buttermilk does not require any additives

Buttermilk is one of the most popular summer foods. The drink is an ideal thirst quencher and also provides you with numerous important nutrients. If you want a full-bodied taste, you should definitely pay attention to something specific when buying buttermilk.

Delicious and healthy

Like yogurt, kefir and other dairy products, buttermilk is also said to have a positive impact on intestinal health. Such foods and drinks are said to stimulate digestion and prevent constipation, among other things. There are also indications that regular consumption of such foods can reduce high blood pressure. Good reasons to treat yourself to a glass of buttermilk more often. When buying, it is worth paying close attention to the name, because there are differences.

It is best to use "pure buttermilk"

The best thing for consumers to do is to use “pure buttermilk”. Susanne Moritz, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center, explains in a message why this is so.

“The manufacturer can add up to ten percent water and up to 15 percent skim milk to a buttermilk. This does not have to be stated on the packaging, ”says Moritz.

"Pure buttermilk, on the other hand, is neither water nor lean and dry milk added."

According to the consumer advice center, only water can be withdrawn to increase the milk solids.

Pure buttermilk is thicker and tastes fuller than buttermilk with additives.

Full of protein and minerals

Buttermilk is a by-product of butter production.

As the experts explain, their refreshingly sour taste is created by adding lactic acid bacteria afterwards or by acidifying cream in the production of sour cream butter.

Buttermilk contains a lot of protein and minerals and is very low in calories with a maximum of one percent fat. (ad)

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