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Peegasm: female orgasm by building urge to urinate?

Peegasm: female orgasm by building urge to urinate?

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What the new sex trend "Peegasm" is all about

A new sex trend has recently been circulating on the Internet. In a popular English-language forum, a user talks about his girlfriend, who regularly orgasms in the toilet by suppressing her urge to urinate for a long time. When she finally gives in to the urge, she climaxes when urinating. Other women in the forum confirm this. From this, the new word creation "Peegasm" (English pee = pee and orgasm = orgasm) developed. However, doctors advise against this new trend.

"My friend recently told me that if she stops peeing for a while, she often has an orgasm that she feels from head to back as she pees," says one user on the popular English-language platform "reddit". Other women confirm this. "Yes, it feels like a sensational full body massage," commented another user on her Peegasm. Others say, "I have something similar, but it's not exactly an orgasm, just a really, very pleasant feeling."

Doctor warns of the dangerous trend

Dr. Carol Cooper is a medical doctor from Cambridge University. She writes for several well-known newspapers and warns of the dangerous trend in the English magazine "The Sun". "With these so-called peegasmas, women hold onto a full bladder longer than normal," explains the doctor. But this is also associated with numerous health risks.

Why is there an orgasm-like feeling?

"The reason why so many women find the feeling comfortable is that an overfilled bladder stimulates the nerves in the pelvis," said Cooper. These stimulations could also cause excitement. The ultimate release can then cause orgasm-like sensations.

Better not to try it

"We all know that the female orgasm is elusive," reports the doctor. Still, there are far safer and more interesting ways to experiment with sexuality.

What health risks can arise from peegasms?

"There is a risk of causing urinary infections, which can even damage the kidneys," warns the health expert. In any case, a lot of women are prone to bladder infection (cystitis). The new trend reinforces this vulnerability. "I strongly advise against it," sums up Dr. Cooper.

Fun for some, disease symptom for others

Healthy women risk their health through the trend. Many people suffer from urinary discomfort. This can indicate numerous illnesses. Bladder emptying disorders can be signs of inflammation such as cystitis, urethritis or acute renal pelvic inflammation, but also indicate serious illnesses such as diabetes or heart failure. (vb)

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