The chance of survival after heart attacks increases for women when treated by doctors

The chance of survival after heart attacks increases for women when treated by doctors

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Do treatment outcomes change when women treat female patients?

Researchers have now found that when women experience a heart attack, they are more likely to survive if the women affected are treated by a doctor at the hospital.

In their latest study, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found that women are more likely to survive a heart attack if they are treated by a doctor. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" (PNAS).

Over 580,000 heart attacks were analyzed in detail

For their study, the American experts examined a total of almost 582,000 cases of heart attacks over a period of almost 19 years. The researchers found that women who were admitted to a hospital emergency room had a significantly higher chance of survival if another woman was responsible for their treatment. Their chances of surviving a heart attack were also improved if they were treated by a male doctor who had many female colleagues on his team, the doctors explain.

Female victims of heart attacks are less likely to survive

Although fundamentally very well trained experts carried out the treatment, the gender of the doctor and patient seems to play a major role, explains study author Dr. Seth Carnahan from Washington University in St Louis. For their study, the researchers searched anonymous patient data from Florida hospitals from 1991 to 2010, taking into account factors such as age, ethnicity, and medical history. Even after taking these factors into account, they found that female patients survive heart attacks less frequently than male patients.

How does a doctor affect treatment results?

When patients were treated by male doctors, 12.6 percent of men died compared to 13.3 percent of women. This corresponds to a difference of 0.7 percent. However, the gender differences narrowed more than threefold to 0.2 percent when female doctors performed the treatment. In this case, 11.8 percent of the men died compared to 12 percent of the women.

Female doctors tend to get better treatment outcomes

The current results confirm previous research results, which showed that doctors tend to achieve better treatment results than doctors, explains Dr. Carnahan. The team clearly found that female survival increased as the proportion of female doctors working in the emergency room increased. (as)

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