Carbon monoxide poisoning: man dies from using grill in camper

Carbon monoxide poisoning: man dies from using grill in camper

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Barbecue in the camper van: man dies from carbon monoxide poisoning

A man died in Hamburg from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning at the weekend, his wife came to a clinic with serious health problems. According to police, the couple had taken a barbeque that had not been completely extinguished into their camper, exposing them to the toxic gases.

Death after carbon monoxide poisoning

A tragedy happened in Hamburg this weekend. A couple had grilled on a camping site in the Hanseatic city on Sunday evening and put the grill, which had apparently not been completely deleted, into their camper van. According to a message from the dpa news agency, a police spokesman said that the two had poisoned themselves with carbon monoxide while sleeping. The 39-year-old man died of carbon monoxide poisoning and his 37-year-old wife was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Jogger entered the camper van door

According to the agency report, a jogger heard the 37-year-old whimper and therefore kicked the camper's door.

He was still trying to resuscitate the 39-year-old man, but the man died when the rescue workers arrived.

The woman, who was brought to a clinic, is now out of danger, according to police.

Health risks from carbon monoxide

Experts repeatedly warn against underestimating the dangers of carbon monoxide.

The chemical compound can lead to headaches even in low concentrations of 200 particles per million air molecules (ppm).

At higher concentrations, symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting or fainting.

Deadly poisoning

Especially in closed rooms and at higher concentrations, the odorless and tasteless compound can also cause fatal poisoning.

The cause of such poisoning is often found in defective gas heaters. But the gas also develops when burning glowing charcoal.

What is unknown to many: Shisha smoking also poses a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. (ad)

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