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How does cannabis use affect sexual stamina?

How does cannabis use affect sexual stamina?

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Impact of cannabis on the best man's piece

In recent years, laws related to the use of cannabis have been relaxed in many countries around the world. This led to more and more people coming into contact with the substance. Researchers are now investigating how cannabis use affects men's sex organs and their sexual performance.

Scientists at the University of Wollongong in Australia found in their current study that cannabis use not only affects the brain, it also affects the male genital organ and male sexual stamina. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Journal of Sexual Medicine".

Cannabis is one of the most commonly misused substances

Millions of adolescents and adults consume cannabis every day. This makes the plant one of the most commonly used intoxicants in the world. When people smoke cannabis, the active chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) gets into the body.

Will cannabis use improve sexual stamina?

However, THC affects not only the brains of consumers, but also the genital organs of male users. Many people who smoke cannabis daily have difficulties with their sex lives. These often affect sexual stamina in men, the scientists explain. However, users themselves often stated that they experience a longer erection by consuming cannabis.

Consumers suffer from consumed perception

This effect has been explained by some experts in such a way that cannabis users usually suffer from a consumed perception of time. This can lead to the person affected thinking that they have increased sexual stamina, although this is not really the case, the doctors say.

Nude under the influence of cannabis is usually shorter

The researchers suspect that this may be the reason why some cannabis users assume that they may be sexually active all night if they had previously smoked cannabis. In reality, the duration of lovemaking under the influence of cannabis is shorter compared to the time that people without cannabis use spend on the act, the scientists explain.

Cannabis use can harm your erection

Another group of biologists found in another study that cannabis use can actually harm men's erections rather than improve sexual stamina. The scientists therefore advise cannabis users to refrain from using it to protect their own health and performance during lovemaking. (as)

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