Lose weight: researchers advise against permanent withdrawal

Lose weight: researchers advise against permanent withdrawal

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If you want to keep your weight, you should eat healthy and good food regularly

Those who have lost weight and now want to keep it, often do without whole meals and go on a kind of "permanent diet". However, a Finnish study shows that it can pay off in the long term to adopt a healthy diet and to pay attention to regular meals. In addition, according to the researchers, it is important to pay attention to “personal well-being”.

The diet is done and now it is time to keep weight. Many rely on a type of "permanent diet" to keep the weight off. A study of Finnish scientists from the University of Helsinki with 4900 male and female subjects over a period of 10 years showed that most study participants between 24 and 34 gained an average of about one kilogram per year. However, one important factor that helped men and women maintain weight was eating regular meals.

Diets make you fat

In women in particular, diets, irregular eating habits, the birth of two or more children, the consumption of sugary soft drinks and dissatisfaction with life all had a negative impact on weight. In men, smoking was an additional factor that had a negative impact. "People often try to prevent obesity by following diets or skipping meals," said Ulla Kärkkäinen from the University of Helsinki. In most cases, however, this would tend to make you fat, rather than prevent you from becoming overweight.

In order to maintain a healthy weight, "it is particularly important to maintain regular exercise and a healthy diet," said the researchers. But the study showed that that alone is not enough. It is equally important to "stay away from diets and eat regularly". However, most diet recommendations always went in one direction. "People are encouraged to lose weight," Kärkkäinen explains.

The findings of the study clearly show that the "first lose weight, then check" approach does not work in the long term. Regular and sufficient meals, on the other hand, would "support the natural biological functions of the body and help in the long term to keep the weight off," emphasize the scientists.

What we eat is important

An Israeli study came to similar conclusions. Scientists from the Weizmann Institute found that there is a large variance in the effects of food on different people. The metabolism of food can differ significantly, so that some people form more fat deposits than others with the same food intake, the Israeli researchers reported in the specialist magazine "Cell". According to the experts, general diet recommendations are pointless. In her opinion, body weight could only be effectively regulated with individually adapted nutritional recommendations. Here, too, it mattered what was eaten. (sb)

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