Fitness tracker

Fitness tracker

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Fitness tracker as motivation for more exercise?

Fitness trackers, also called activity trackers, health wristbands or smart bands, are small electronic devices, often in the form of a wristband, that record data about the physical condition or activity. Depending on the device, users receive information such as distances covered, number of steps, calories burned, heart rate, resting heart rate, an analysis of the quality of sleep and meters of altitude overcome. Some devices also have an integrated GPS transmitter and training programs that guide you through the exercises. In many cases, the data collected is forwarded to the smartphone and can then be evaluated in an app.

Toys or professional equipment?

One shouldn't expect too much from health data collectors. Even if the devices are very popular and are constantly being improved, all the devices tested could not really convince in a test by Stiftung Warentest from issue 12/17. Even the best bracelets were only satisfactory in the area. (vb)

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