Protect veins: Housework as effective as the gym

Protect veins: Housework as effective as the gym

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Housework instead of a gym: exercise your veins while cleaning
Although exercise is good for the body, many people do not find enough time for sporting activities between work and household. The veins in particular suffer from too much sitting because they have to pump blood back to the heart against gravity all day. If you don't get help with this strenuous task, the blood can sink into the vessels. As a result, the veins widen, which favors the development of varicose veins. Prof. (Univ. Chisinau) Dr. Dr. Stefan Hillejan, phlebologist and proctologist from the practice clinic for venous and rectal diseases in Hanover and chairman of the professional association of qualified medical experts in Germany, knows simple tricks with which everyone can train their veins in addition to doing housework.

Small exercises for in between
Some boring household chores can be complemented by short training sessions. When hanging or taking off laundry, stand on tiptoe several times and then roll over your heel again. This relaxation and relaxation of the leg muscles stimulates vein activity. “When the muscles contract, they automatically push the blood towards the heart. The so-called venous valves and valves then ensure that the blood does not run back when the muscles relax, ”explains Prof. Hillejan. The so-called foot rocker, which alternately pulls the toes and heels up and down again, activates the vein pump and can be easily integrated into the house cleaning in between. This exercise works both standing and sitting and is therefore also suitable for long days in the office.

Fitness training with household appliances
On closer inspection, many common objects can be incorporated into sports exercises. For example, alternately walking on the toes and heels during vacuuming to activate the leg muscles. Even the partner's worn socks on the floor are suitable for training. Instead of sucking around the obstacle, simply grab your toes and transport it to the next laundry basket. In addition to the veins, this also trains coordination. Even after ironing, there is a short sports unit on the ironing board: position it next to the board and hold it for a better grip. Now stand on one leg and pull the foot of the other leg back towards the buttocks. In this way, the thigh is stretched and at the same time the sense of balance is trained.

Anyone who has overcome the stresses of everyday life in the evening can literally put their legs up. "If the legs feel tired and heavy, this position brings quick relief, since the blood flows back to the heart with the force of gravity and the veins relax," says Prof. (pm)

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