Well-tried home remedy for headaches: coffee with lemon

Well-tried home remedy for headaches: coffee with lemon

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Home remedies: espresso with lemon for headache

If there is a pounding and buzzing in the head, you don't have to take medication straight away. Mostly, home remedies for headaches can help. One of them is coffee with lemon juice. This combination can also be useful for a migraine attack.

Treat headache with home remedies

For headaches, many people inevitably resort to medicines such as ibuprofen, aspirin or paracetamol. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) recently reported that one in ten Germans takes at least one headache tablet every day. It can be dangerous. Because if used incorrectly and frequently, painkillers can cause permanent headaches. For minor complaints, simple tricks for headaches are often more effective than medication. Among other things, coffee with lemon can help.

A cup of coffee with half a lemon juice

If you have a headache, it can help to drink a cup of espresso into which the juice of half a lemon is squeezed. No sweetener may be added to the drink.

The combination can also be used as a home remedy for migraines.

Like the neurologist Dr. med. Astrid Gendolla from Essen explains on the internet portal "" that a cup of strong coffee with the juice of half a lemon can provide relief from mild migraine attacks.

According to the doctor, the blood vessels in the brain that are enlarged during migraines are narrowed by the caffeine in coffee.

And the vitamin C from the lemon can, according to Dr. Gendolla increase the formation of a body's own messenger substance that dampens the headache.

However, those who suffer from headaches all the time should not rely on home remedies, but should see a doctor. (ad)

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