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Researchers: Cannabis users have sex more often

Researchers: Cannabis users have sex more often

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Why do cannabis users have sex more often?

Many people think about stoners that they are particularly lazy people who don't do or do much during the day. However, this obviously does not apply to sexual activity in particular. Researchers have now found that daily cannabis use makes consumers more sexually active.

The urologists at Stanford University, California, found in their current study that cannabis users have more sex every day compared to cannabis abstainers. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Journal of Sexual Medicine".

Doctors examined 50,000 participants for their study

The research team around Dr. Andrew Sun analyzed the figures from a large health survey in the United States for his study. In this study, for example, a total of 50,000 men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 years had given information about the frequency of their intercourse. The participants also explained how often they had used cannabis in the previous year. In the end, it was found that subjects who smoke weed daily were about a fifth more often sexually active compared to cannabis abstainers, the experts say. For women, consumption resulted in them performing the act 7.1 times instead of six times in four weeks, while the values ​​for men were 6.9 times instead of 5.6, the scientists further explain.

Consumption leads to an increased frequency of coitus

The frequent use of marijuana does not appear to have a negative impact on sexual motivation and performance. "Consumption is more related to an increased frequency of coitus," explains author Dr. Michael Eisenberg according to the press release. The frequency of traffic increased almost in parallel with cannabis use. It did not matter whether the participants also took alcohol or other drugs, such as cocaine.

Cannabis use makes people more relaxed

However, the results of the study only show a correlation and not a causal relationship. In other words, the results of the study do not say that smoking marijuana automatically leads to more sexual intercourse. However, the results still seem logical, because a moderate use of cannabis leads to a loosening of users, the doctors explain.

Negative effects from consumption?

In the past, scientists and various studies have claimed that intensive cannabis use can lead to a loss of libido. There were additional effects in men, ranging from erectile problems to decreased sperm quality.

Marijuana stimulates certain brain regions

In contrast, studies on animals and humans had shown that the consumption of marijuana stimulates the brain regions that are normally responsible for sexual arousal and activity.

How many people in Germany regularly consume marijuana?

In the United States in particular, the handling of marijuana has changed significantly. Marijuana is currently approved in 29 states, either as medicine or for personal use. It is estimated that approximately 22 million adult people consume marijuana regularly in the United States alone. In Germany, the number of regular consumers is logically significantly lower. It is estimated that around 1.4 million people in Germany consume marijuana at least once a month. (as)

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