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Penis was stuck in 2.5 kg weight plate - relief after hours of use

Penis was stuck in 2.5 kg weight plate - relief after hours of use

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The best piece was stuck - the fire department had to rescue the patient
A report of a somewhat different kind, which was received by the control center on Friday morning, shows how delicate the fire department can be. After a young man in Worms was unable to free himself from the dilemma, he called the emergency doctor. But despite numerous liberation tricks, he could not help the man. Therefore, the fire brigade was involved in the accident, which was embarrassing for those affected. The rescue workers had to free the man, which was possible even after a long operation without hurting the “best piece”.

The patient's limb was stuck in the hole of a 2.5 kg weight plate. He could no longer free his genitals using his own strength and skill. In addition, it was already swelling. The man has already been taken to a clinic in Worms from the scene. "The doctors couldn't get any further with their resources," said Steffen Volk, head of operations. "That's why we moved in". When the fire department arrived at the hospital, the man was already under anesthesia. With the help of the power cutter, a vibrating saw and a hydraulic rescue device, the weight of the barbell was removed after a good three hours. The good piece was not injured further and could be saved completely.

It is not known how the accident happened. A special practice or a kind of training is possible. Initially, the person concerned apparently did not want to get involved. "Please do not imitate such actions!" Warned the fire brigade on their own Facebook page. The professional fire brigade and a fireman from the voluntary city center unit were deployed.

Another curiosity only became public last week. In a Chinese clinic, surgeons were amazed to find a completely preserved glass in a man's rectum. After a long operation, the glass could be removed from the intestine without being damaged. If it broke, it could have torn the intestinal walls. (sb)

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