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Surgeons operated on a full glass from a man's intestine

Surgeons operated on a full glass from a man's intestine

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A whole glass in a man's anus
Chinese doctors were amazed when they looked at the x-ray of a patient suffering from pain. A complete drinking glass was hidden in the rectum of a man from Guangzhou (China). The glass was eight centimeters in diameter and seven centimeters in height.

Glass was in the intestine for two days
According to the treating doctors, the glass had been in the patient's intestine for two days. The man reported to the emergency room only in shame after the pain had become unbearable, as the doctors in The Shanghailist report. At 2:00 am, the patient was “presented to a doctor screaming”.

Fortunately, the doctors were able to remove the glass without causing injuries from broken glass. It was a medical feat that the sphincter exerted massive pressure on the glass. Nevertheless, the glass remained intact. The shards would have resulted in the man having died of internal bleeding.

Probably bizarre practice
The person concerned did not want to report how the glass got into the rectum. However, it is known that bizarre practices always occur. Various practices, such as handling large objects, can result in severe perforation of the intestine. If the intestine remains unharmed during the practice, constipation can result from obstructions. Because the feces create an ever higher pressure, the intestinal wall can burst. A bowel breakthrough is a medical emergency and must be treated immediately. There is a risk of sepsis and internal bleeding. (sb)

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