Because she never had breakfast? The patient had almost 200 gallstones in her stomach

Because she never had breakfast? The patient had almost 200 gallstones in her stomach

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Doctors remove 200 gallstones from a woman's abdomen
In China, 200 gallstones were removed from a woman's abdomen. She had complained of severe abdominal pain for years before. The treating doctors assume that the gallstones had formed because the 45-year-old almost never had breakfast. For other experts, however, this thesis is only pure speculation.

Barely had breakfast for years
For some people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, others think that eating breakfast extensively is rather unhealthy. A woman from China almost never ate anything in the morning for almost ten years. According to doctors, this was to blame for the fact that 200 gallstones formed in their bodies. However, according to other experts, this thesis is pure speculation.

200 gallstones removed from the body
According to media reports, a woman at the Guangji Hospital in Hezhou (China) removed 200 gallstones from the gallbladder and liver. Some of them are said to have been the size of eggs. The intervention lasted six and a half hours.

The 45-year-old patient said, according to a report in the British newspaper Daily Mail, that she had suffered from severe abdominal pain for around ten years.

In addition, she had been advised to get treatment for the discomfort years ago, but she did not do so for fear of surgery.

Many don't know about their gallstones
Although many people have gallstones, not everyone notices them. According to experts, up to 80 percent of those affected do not know about it. Sometimes gallstones can cause severe pain.

According to health experts, if the stones do not cause any discomfort, no treatment is necessary. However, if this does happen, they usually have to be removed.

Women are often affected. The risk group also speaks of the "five F": female, fat, fertile, forty, fair (female, overweight, fertile, forty years old, fair-skinned or blond).

Barely had breakfast for years
With the patient from China, her eating habits were to blame for the formation of the gallstones. The 45-year-old had stated that she had almost never had breakfast in the past decade.

Dr. Quan Xuwei, of the surgical team at Guangji Hospital, said the Daily Mail said that many of his patients who suffered from gallstones often miss breakfast or swallow it down quickly. This encourages the formation of small stones.

Dr. However, George Webster, vice president of the British Gastroenterology Society, considers the Chinese medical doctor's thesis to be "pure speculation without a scientific basis".

As the expert told the British newspaper, the cause of gallstones often remains unclear.

According to him, there are more patients with stones in the liver in China and East Asia than in the West. This is probably related to the increased infection rates in the bile ducts.

How gallstones come about
According to German experts, gallstones result from a disturbed mixture ratio of the bile juice that the liver produces. Bile is about 80 percent water.

It also contains cholesterol, bile acids, the bilirubin, as well as lecithin and electrolytes. If too much cholesterol, bilirubin or calcium is mixed in by the liver, these substances can form crystals, which may form into stones over time.

Bile cholesterol can also increase due to other factors: if you are overweight, pregnant, losing weight heavily, or in old age.

Longer periods of fasting, stress or irregular meals can also influence the mixing ratio and thus promote gallstones.

Other factors that can promote development include a high-fat diet, chronic constipation and also a lack of exercise. However, education is also genetically determined in many patients. (ad)

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